James Charles Winery & Vineyard

Our wine is the story of our bond with the land, and the orchestration of extreme forces of nature to create a unique harmony. 

The Climate Filled with micro-climates, the Shenandoah Valley offers a unique growing opportunity for wines. The slopes of the valley are slightly cooler, allowing grapes to attain higher acidity, creating rich flavors. The cool nights, even after a hot day, in the valley provide the perfect time for the grapes to metabolize the malic acide needed to craft the wines.

The SoilFilled with limestone soil, the Shenandoah Valley produces great wine. The cooler, dry soil composition nested between two mountain chains makes the growing area ideal. Between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains, a rain shadow is created, preserving the growing capabilities of the soil.

10 acres of vineyards producing around 5,000 cases of 100% Virginian wine!